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Amy Goldsmith Technical Team at Expol

Meet the Expert: Amy Goldsmith on the Frontlines of Technical Support at EXPOL

If you phone EXPOL with a product question or a technical query, chances are, you’ll end up speaking EXPOL Expert – Amy Goldsmith. Amy is one of four technical experts, there to help customers with their insulation or EXPOL queries.  With six years experience at EXPOL, in a number of roles throughout the company, Amy has certainly earned her stripes!

In this Q&A session, we sit down with Amy to delve into the diverse and dynamic world of technical sales and support at EXPOL. Amy shares her experiences, providing a fascinating insight into the construction industry. Moreover, she sheds light on how individuals are navigating recent changes to the building code, offering a unique perspective on the impact these changes are having to those on the ground.

Q: How did you get into the technical support role Amy?

I started working at EXPOL straight out of school. Having applied for a receptionist position, I had two interviews and was offered the job. I really enjoyed helping customers and quickly built up my product knowledge. When the Nelson Marlborough sales representative role became vacant, I was able to quickly step in and help. Being on the road allowed me to understand our products better and learn about the challenges customers faced. I went on to spend time in other parts of the business, including production support. When the opportunity arose to take on a technical support role, I jumped at the chance.

Q: Meeting the regulations required by the building code can be quite technical. What was your experience stepping into this role?

My experience in the field was really valuable, but there was still a steep learning curve stepping into the technical support role. Luckily I have two amazing colleagues, Wayne and Jack, who possess an incredible amount of knowledge, and they were my go-to. I spent the first few weeks taking down the questions and saying “I’ll come back to you tomorrow!” It was a great way to learn quickly.

Now I feel very comfortable in the role, but even so I regularly refer to technical data and testing for EXPOL products for information on factors like R-values and compression ratings or to the NZ Standard for installing insulation for residential buildings (NZS4246).

An important part of the role is understanding where we can add value and when it is outside our area of expertise. Sometimes the questions fall outside the range of data that the product has been tested on, and in those cases I refer people back to their architect or engineer. 

Q: Which customers do you receive most of the queries from, and what sort of assistance do you provide?

The queries come from a diverse range of individuals, including homeowners doing DIY projects, builders, trade store support, architects, quantity surveyors, and engineers.

Architects often have an idea of what they want to do and so they want information about the product to make sure it will meet the building code requirements and work with their designs.  Sometimes we help by providing technical information for council submissions, providing evidence that EXPOL products meet the required standards.

Engineers often have very specific queries about product performance. They want to know about compressive strength and the testing that sits behind the products. 

Often homeowners are wondering which products to use to insulate their home and how to use them. The website has so much information on it, they sometimes just need someone to give them a clear direction and point them to the pages they need. Other times they’ll have quite niche requirements so I’ll explain the products, and where and how they can be used. The products are really versatile and people are often surprised at how many ways they can be used. 

Builders and trade support queries are often about R-values and which products should be used to meet the required R-value.  I also get asked to provide  quotes for plans that have been submitted to the council. In these cases, I work out which products will be required and the quantities needed. There have been lots of requests for help to work out R-values since the new H1 changes came in.

Q: The H1 Building Code update included some significant changes for insulation. How much impact did this have on customers?

The H1 changes prompted a surge in customer questions. There was uncertainty about implementing the new changes and it was rewarding to be able to provide the information and support that customers needed. The EXPOL team had invested in developing new products to meet the updated standard. The company had also prepared the necessary data and formulated calculation tools so that customers could get the information they needed.

It was great to be able to provide answers for customers and give them confidence that they could meet the H1 regulations. However, it’s still a work in progress. We are continually learning alongside our customers, and it’s helpful to have conversations in both directions to find the best way forward.

Q: What’s your favourite EXPOL product?

Choosing a favourite is tough, but I’d say the Green Beans stand out. They use 100% recycled material and are a relevant product for so many customers. creating innovative products and being really conscious about our impact on the environment. I love that we can take waste and turn it into a useful product!

My other favourite would have to be the range of polystyrene sheets because they work so well and are just so versatile. They feel like the backbone of EXPOL and I love that they are created here in New Zealand and that they use recycled product as well.

If you have a technical question for the team at EXPOL, email us at and we’ll get back to you asap. You can also call us directly, you’ll find all the information for our technical team here.

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