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EXPOL Garage Door Insulation

The EXPOL Garage Door Insulation DIY Kit is for sectional garage doors designed to keep the garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

As energy costs continue to rise, the last thing you want is warm air leaking out of your home from the garage. Our DIY Garage Door Insulation kit is a simple and cost effective way to improve the insulation value of your garage.

Once installed, you will benefit from a warmer, dryer and quieter garage space all while improving the appearance of your garage door. This product is so easy to install and you will be amazed at the results.


EXPOL Garage Door Insulation

EXPOL Garage Door Insulation Kit - Easy DIY

EXPOL Garage Door Insulation - Cooler in Summer - Warmer in Winter

The benefits:

  • Contains recycled content and can be easily recycled
  • A warmer, drier garage in winter and a cooler garage in summer
  • Enhances the appearance of your sectional garage door
  • Reduces noise
  • Easy to clean smooth surfaces
  • Easy to install DIY product

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have a sectional garage door to install this product.

WARNING: The added weight of the insulation may effect the spring tension in your door. This may require adjustment by a qualified service technician, contact the company which installed your garage door or your local garage door company.


Download Technical Data Sheet



Determine if your door has embossed panel designs or not. Then measure the panel depth to determine which size product will suit your door. Double doors require 2 packs


Embossed panel design doors have a smaller depth for the product to sit, you will need to allow for it. This can be done by placing a ruler vertically against the protruding design and measure as shown in the photo (right); it should suit the 28mm product. Note that the when we refer to the 28mm panel  this is made up of 25mm polystyrene panel and 3mm corflute panel.


Flat panel design doors generally have a deeper depth, measure this from the back of the panel to the front of the profile. This should suit the 35mm product. Note that the when we refer to the 35mm panel  this is made up of 32mm polystyrene panel and 3mm corflute panel.

Product Properties


What is R-Value?

An R-Value is a rating which measures how well insulation can resist heat flow. ‘R’ stands for thermal resistance.

  • R-Value level depends on a number of things such as the type
    of material, its density and thickness.
  • Higher R-Value = Better insulation.

Are EXPOL Garage Door Insulation Kits available for any other sort of garage door?

No they can only be used in sectional garage doors.

How many packs do I need for a double garage door?

Two is usually enough sometimes extra liners are needed and can be purchased seperately

How many doors does a garage door pack do?

One garage door pack does one single garage door.

Are EXPOL Garage Door Insulation Kits available for any other sort of garage door?

No they can only be used in sectional garage doors.

What if my garage door panels are a different size?

The garage door kits have been manufactured to fit standard size garage doors.
However with the increase in models of garage doors in the market they may not fit.
Often the offcuts are used to make up the shortfall however if this is not possible please go back to your supplier who can arrange fillers or a set to be specially cut. Depending on the  extent of the difference there maybe an extra charge.

Do I glue the polystyrene to the door?

There is a tube of glue in each pack but is generally not needed, it can be used to secure loose panels.

Do I glue the polystyrene to the liner?

No definitely not, the liner should be cut oversize and should hold itself in place…… see instructions

What happens if after fitting the garage door insulation my door will not go up?

If your door does not go up after the insulation is installed you will need to contact your local service provider they will need to adjust the spring tension on your door especially if it is an older door.

What if the cavity for the thickness of the garage door is larger than 35mm?

You will need to pack out the insulation panels by cutting some thin packers from the polystyrene off cuts and then glue them to the insulation panels and then to the door.

Options & Sizes

Garage Door Insulation



  • Craft knife
  • Felt tip for polystyrene
  • Tape measure
  • Straight edge ruler
  • Work bench to cut on


  • 8 polystyrene panels
  • 8 plastic cover panels
  • Glue tube to fix any loose panels


Measure vertically the first door section to be installed as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2


Measure horizontally the first door section to be installed as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3


Mark out and cut polystyrene panels as shown in figure 4.

Figure 4


USE the offcuts to make inserts for the hidden vertical cavities as shown in figure 5.

Note: skip this step if there are no hidden cavities in your door.

Figure 5


Install cut to size polystyrene panel as show in figure 6.

Repeat steps 1 – 3 to complete the remaining door sections

Figure 6

Use glue here if necessary 


You are now ready to install the plastic door liners.

Measure vertically the door section to be installed as shown in figure 7.

Figure 7


Measure horizontally the door section to be installed as shown in figure 8.

Figure 8


Mark out and cut plastic door liners.

Caution: A neat cut is required to achieve a professional finish.

Insert plastic door liners as shown in figure 9.

Repeat steps 5 – 6 for all remaining door sections.

Figure 9

Use glue here if necessary 


Congratulations, you now have a fully insulated garage door.



EXPOL Technical Product Guide


EXPOL Garage Door Insulation Brochure


For further, detailed information on all products contact
EXPOL 0800 86 33 73

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