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Welcome to EXPOL’s new generation, high performance insulation range specifically designed to meet and exceed the new insulation standards introduced on 01 May 2023.

These slab insulation products are designed to reduce our carbon footprint and deliver dryer, warmer, healthier and environmentally friendly spaces.

We have designed three
Under Concrete Floor Systems

EXPOL New Generation - Superior Performance

Slab on Grade (3604)
Waffle Pod Raft Slab
Waffle Pod Raft Slab
High-Performance Slab
High-Performance Slab

Calculate your Floor and Slab Insulation Solutions

R-value modelling has been completed for both Slab on Grade Insulation Systems and Waffle Pod Raft Slab Floor Insulation Systems.


  1. Select the correct table for your slab type
  2. Select the correct area to perimeter ratio for your slab – If you need a hand calculating this use our handy calculator to the right.
  3. Identify the correct product combination that will give you the desired construction R-value

For High Performance / MAXRaft Slab Calculations please click here.

For technical questions and more detailed information please call us on 0800 86 33 73 or contact our Technical Team on

Alternatively, you can contact us via the Contact Form, below.


Download Concrete Floor Solutions Guide (including Tables)

Slab-On-Grade (3604) Table

Details – click image

Waffle Pod Raft Slab Table

Details – click image

The R-value tables above have been calculated in accordance with Verification Method H1/VM2 Appendix F, please note these tables relate to concrete floors that are less than 300m2. Note the above table are thermally engineered, it is important that a structural engineer approves the use of the products provided in the table on each foundation to ensure bearing loads are acceptable.

The recommended solution in this pdf document can be used as part of a Building Consent application however, EXPOL Ltd accepts no liability for Building Code compliance or thermal performance of the house or building. EXPOL Ltd also accepts no liability through misrepresentation or improper use of this Construction R-value table to obtain or prove Building Code compliance.

For further, detailed information on these products:

For further, detailed information on all products contact EXPOL 0800 86 33 73

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