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EXPOL Tuff Pods are extremely strong expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks designed to provide a quick method for creating a concrete slab floor without the need to dig footings or build concrete block perimeters.

Up to 10% of a building’s heat is lost through an uninsulated slab.  Expanded polystyrene insulation provides excellent thermal protection, helping to create a warm, dry and healthy indoor space.

Suitable for all raft or floating pod floor systems used in New Zealand, EXPOL Tuff Pods reduce preparation work, construction time and concrete needed for foundations.

Used to create 100mm concrete ribs throughout concrete floors.

Made from environmentally safe expanded polystyrene (EPS), EXPOL Tuff Pods help reduce the energy consumption of a building by protecting the concrete floor from heat loss.

Using EXPOL Tuff Pods significantly reduces slab construction time. This insulation method is suitable for barrowed or pumped concrete.

To see how EXPOL Concrete Floor Insulation products are integrated into the new Building Code Changes introduced 1 May 2023 please see the EXPOL FLOOR / SLAB INSULATION CALCULATOR

EXPOL Honeycomb Tuff Pod

EXPOL Tuff Pod - Non Structural

EXPOL Tuff Pod with Recycled Content

EXPOL Tuff Pods contains recycled content and can be easily recycled.



The benefits:

  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Quick to install
  • No need to dig footings or build concrete block perimeters
  • Superior insulating qualities
  • A variety of sizes to suit specific designs


All products and grades of Expanded Polystyrene supplied by EXPOL for pod floors comply with manufacturing standard AS 1366 Part 3 1992.

It is used as an insulation solution for raft / floating floor slab systems:

   Pod Floor Systems EXPOL Tuff Pod

EXPOL Tuff Pods



The cutter is designed to cut Geofoam, SLABX200 and EXPOL Tuff Pods they are a portable solution for cutting polystyrene on building sites. Rather than using a hand saw that creates a mess and can be detrimental to the environment. The EX1300 allows the user to achieve accurate and clean cuts through polystyrene leaving little or no mess.

The EX1300 easily cuts GeoFoam, SLABX200 and Tuff Pods to different sizes and enables you to cut channels and groves through the GeoFoam, SLABX200 and Tuff Pods to accommodate plumbing services.  



What is R-Value?

An R-Value is a rating which measures how well insulation can resist heat flow. ‘R’ stands for thermal resistance.

  • R-Value level depends on a number of things such as the type
    of material, its density and thickness.
  • Higher R-Value = Better insulation.

How string are EXPOL Tuff Pods?

EXPOL Tuff Pods are constructed from expanded polystyrene (EPS), a material that is 98% trapped air. The cellular structure of the polystyrene foam keeps the pods dimensionally stable for the life of the building. Polystyrene insulation board is also resistant to moisture and rot. EPS demonstrates excellent thermal insulation properties.

Do EXPOL Tuff Pods come in different sizes?

Yes. EXPOL Tuff Pods come in a range of sizes to suit the many types of pod floor systems on the market.

How do EXPOL Tuff Pods stay in place?

Use EXPOL spacers or Wilton Joubert spacers to hold the polystyrene pods in place during concrete pouring.

How do EXPOL tuff Pods improve the thermal performance of a building?

An inert, rigid foam product, EPS holds its shape and does not deteriorate with age.  EXPOL Tuff Pods do not settle over time, ensuring the R-value for the life of the building.

Are EXPOL Tuff Pods water resistant?

EXPOL Tuff Pods are virtually unaffected by water, performing better than other foamed plastic products on the market.  Tests on EPS board retrieved after 30 years underground showed less than 1% water content.  Tests taken on EPS board periodically submerged over the same period of time showed less than 4% water content.

Do EXPOL Tuff Pods give off toxic fumes?

In the event of a fire, the level of toxicity of EPS is no greater than timber.  EPS does not off-gas hydrogen cyanide or hydrogen chloride.  No CFCs or HCFCs are used in the manufacture of EXPOL Tuff Pods.

System Components

EXPOL supplies spacers to align the Tuff Pods, and PODSTICKS for mesh support. Note: It is important to refer to your engineers report/schedule.
This information is a guideline only. EXPOL’s range of available components is listed below:


EXPOL 100mm Spacer

Only suitable for 220mm PODS for internal ribs.


EXPOL 300mm Spacer

Only suitable for 220mm PODS for slab edge beam and thickenings.


Used as an alternative to Mesh / Bar Chairs. Provides more support for steel mesh over polystyrene



The spacer sits on the ground between the pods and is suitable for use with any size Tuff Pod. The spacer cleverly clips together to form any size spacing required. EXPOL Unimax spacers can be used in conjunction with any other spacer type.

EXPOL Centre Spacer

Used internally and externally throughout the Pod floor.

EXPOL Clip on Spacer

This spacer clips onto the centre spacer for edge beams and internal thickenings.



EXPOL Technical Product Guide


Download Concrete Floor Solutions Guide


Building Product Information Sheet

EXPOL Tuff Pods

EXPOL PodStick Brochure

EXPOL UniMax Brochure


EXPOL products are available at a number of leading building products stores. Find your nearest stockist here.

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