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Airpop is a fresh name for expanded polystyrene – a product that’s been relied on by Kiwis for decades.

When you think about it, Airpop is everywhere. It ensures our homes are warm in winter and cool in summer, stabilises the ground beneath important infrastructure, keeps export food fresh and provides protection to our families in the form of helmets, life vests and car seats.

Airpop is 98% air

What you might not know is that Airpop is actually 98% air. That’s right – only 2% of any Airpop product is man-made.  In the manufacturing process it uses a unique synthetic material which expands to 50 times its own volume giving it bulk and strength.


Airpop is easily reground and seamlessly introduced into recycled content building products produced in NZ, or it can be melted down and re-engineered into other products like pens, coat hangers, picture frames and engineered timber.

At EXPOL we have a closed loop manufacturing process and we recycle 400 tons of polystyrene a year which in turn is manufactured into products which make up our EXPOL Earth range.



We have seven recycling plants nationwide and various recycling programmes to encourage the recycling of waste product. These include: The EXPOL Household Recycling Program, the EXPOL Building Site Collection Program and the EXPOL Commercial Recycling Program.

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