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With a water-proof resin coating that does not require painting, saving time and money.


MAXEdge is also available as clean insulation, requiring plastering after the concrete pour.


EXPOL New Generation - Superior Performance

EXPOL Performance that meets & exceeds the new insulation standards





Pre-made L Shape Perimeter Slab Insulation

The benefits:

  • MAXEdge is a simple solution for your concrete slab perimeter that exceeds H1 requirements
  • Fast and Easy: Pre-made L-shaped perimeter insulation that fits inside the formwork
  • Standard heights: 305, 320, 340, 385, 400 & 420mm to suit any raft slab, bespoke heights are available
  • MAXEdge perimeter insulation comes in lengths of 2.4m
  • MAXEdge perimeter insulation is also available in pre-made corners of 600 x 600mm
  • Suitable with any frame size

To see how EXPOL Concrete Floor Insulation products are integrated into the new Building Code Changes introduced 1 May 2023 please see the EXPOL FLOOR / SLAB INSULATION CALCULATOR

MAXEdge is made from EPS polystyrene and clean, uncoated MAXEdge waste can be easily recycled.


All products and grades of Expanded Polystyrene supplied by EXPOL comply with manufacturing standard AS 1366 Part 3 1992.


Download EXPOL MAXEdge Brochure

Download Concrete Floor Solutions Guide

Download Concrete Floor Edge Insulation Brochure

It is used as an insulation solution for floor slab systems:

It is used as an insulation solution for floor slab systems:

   Pod Floor Systems EXPOL Tuff Pod

How to Specify

  • Engineering design can be supplied or simply ask your engineer to add MAXEdge to their designs
  • Talk to our Tech Team about your project planning
  • Visit below for DWG or PDF files

Architects / Specifiers Downloads

Download PDF – 85mm CONCRETE + 220mm PODS

Download DWG – cad file

MAXEdge – Profiles PDF

BRANZ Report – Bottom Plate Anchor Testing for MAXRaft


Please read entire set of instructions before starting.

Ensure surfaces are clean and free from dust, oil and grease.

To assist you, we’ve developed an easy step guide – follow it and you can’t go wrong.

Some useful tools for installation

Step by step guide for MAXEdge installation

Step 1

Ensure sand blinding / Gap7 is level allowing MAXEdge to sit flat.

Step 2

Install DPM and formwork as per plans.

Step 3

Install MAXEdge insulation and corners inside formwork. Here you can use MAXEdge pre-made corners or make them yourself – corner details to follow.

Step 4

Install infill / EXPOL Tuff pods, cut around any penetrations as required.

Step 5

Install reinforcing as per engineering plans.

Step 6

Ensure inspections completed.

Step 7

Pour concrete.

Step 8

Remove formwork, paint MAXEdge if required.

External Corners

External corners are easy, they just butt into each other.  We encourage expanding foam to be put in any joins and gaps around rebates.

Internal Corners

When joining internal corners cut the top the edge profile and butt the polystyrene together.

System Components

EXPOL Patch-Kit

A 4 litre pail of our water-based, water-proof resin coating suitable for patching joins.

EXPOL Styro-Fix Construction Adhesive

Styro-FIX Construction Adhesive

Styro–FIX is an advanced single component polyurethane-based construction adhesive.

This powerful adhesive is developed especially for the construction industry and will bond most types of construction materials including timber (damp and dry), concrete, plasterboard, polystyrene and many other porous and non-porous substrates.

It bonds expanded polystyrene to most surfaces, delivers strong adhesion and rapid cure, it is gun-able and non-drip.


What is R-Value?

An R-Value is a rating which measures how well insulation can resist heat flow. ‘R’ stands for thermal resistance.

  • R-Value level depends on a number of things such as the type
    of material, its density and thickness.
  • Higher R-Value = Better insulation.

Does MAXEdge come coated and uncoated?

Yes, MAXEdge is available uncoated, as well as coated.

Does MAXEdge come in different heights?

MAXEdge is available in 2400mm lengths at 305mm, 320mm, 340mm, 385mm, 400mm and 420mm heights. Bespoke heights are available. Contact us here to enquire.

Can I purchase pre-made corners?

MAXEdge is available 600 x 600mm corners at 305mm, 320mm, 340mm, 385mm, 400mm and 420mm heights. Bespoke heights are available. Contact us here to enquire.

How many lengths of MAXEdge are in a pack?

MAXEdge is available in individual (2400mm) lengths.

How many MAXEdge corners are in a pack?

MAXEdge is available in individual (600 x 600mm) corners.

What system components will I need?

We recommend the use of an EXPOL Patch Kit to patch over joins.

How do I install MAXEdge?

Detailed instructions are above.

Does MAXEdge (Coated) require painting?

No, coated MAXEdge is waterproof and does not require painting. A three-coat acrylic paint finish can be applied to finished products, if desired.

What is the difference between MAXEdge and EXPOL ThermaSlab Edge?

MAXEdge is specifically designed for in-situ slab edge insulation whereas EXPOL ThermaSlab Edge is specifically designed for retrofit slab edge insulation.

Is MAXEdge suitable for both slab-on-grade and rib-raft slabs?

Yes, MAXEdge can be used for both slab types.

Is there a retro-fit option available?

Yes – to find out more about EXPOL ThermaSlab Edge our retro-fit Slab Edge Insulation click here.

Is MAXEdge waterproof?

Yes, the water-based coating on MAXEdge is waterproof.

How do I patch up joins or repair damaged areas of MAXEdge?

We recommend use of the EXPOL Patch Kit to patch over joins or repair any damage that occurs during installation.

Where can I purchase MAXEdge from?

Mitre 10, Bunnings, Carters, ITM, PlaceMakers, BuildLink and other Nationwide hardware outlets.

Click here to visit the stockist page.



EXPOL Technical Product Guide

Technical Data Sheet


Building Product Information Sheet



EXPOL products are available at a number of leading building products stores. Find your nearest stockist here.

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