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EXPOL X ( XPS – Extruded Polystyrene ) provides high-performance perimeter insulation for concrete slabs.  Made from environmentally safe extruded polystyrene (XPS), EXPOL X ( EPS – Extruded Polystyrene ) improves the insulation performance of a building when used in conjunction with EXPOL concrete floor insulation.

Quick and easy-to-install, EXPOL X ( EPS – Extruded Polystyrene ) is also easy to retrofit to existing concrete floor edging.


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EXPOL-X Concrete Floor Edge Insulation

The Product

The Product thickness is 30mm (+ plaster) and can achieve a respectable R-value of 1.0 to greatly improve your overall construction rating

The EXPOL concrete floor edge insulation system has been designed to include the ‘Z’ flashing to guarantee water tightness.

EXPOL X (XPS – Extruded Polystyrene) is available in full sheets only. EXPOL X ( XPS – Extruded Polystyrene ) is highly water-resistant and has an extremely high compressive strength.
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Installation for:

EXPOL X for Concrete Floor Edge Insulation

  • Cut to fit
  • Fix to the edge of the concrete slab with SabreFix Adhesive and mechanical fixings
  • Plaster to finish

System Components

EXPOL Perimeter Edge Flashings

The ‘Z’ flashing has been specifically designed to ensure water tightness. Flashings should be used in circumstances that would normally require the cladding material to overhang the foundation edge.

Sabre Fix Construction Adhesive

Sabre Fix is an advanced single component polyurethane-based construction adhesive. This powerful adhesive is developed especially for the construction industry and will bond most types of construction materials including timber (damp and dry), concrete, plasterboard, polystyrene and many other porous and non-porous substrates.

Table 4.2

R Values for a variety of flooring systems

The table of R-values is taken from the BRANZ House Insulation Guide



For all specifying information, relevant product testing and other detailed information please refer to MasterSpec documents on or contact EXPOL for an electronic copy.


EXPOL R1.4 UnderFloor has a BRANZ appraisal.
See BRANZ certificate number 256.


All EXPOL timber floor insulation solutions comply with the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4859.1:2002.


All panels have a yellow stripe down one edge to confirm compliance with manufacturing standard AS 1366 Part 3 1992 for SL grade.

For further, detailed information on all products contact EXPOL 0800 86 33 73

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