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EXPOL is the largest manufacturer and distributor of polystyrene products in New Zealand.

Ever since founder Terry Mischefski cut the first block of polystyrene in the 1970s, innovation and flexibility have been at the core of EXPOL’s operations.

Today EXPOL remains 100% New Zealand owned and supplies a full range of polystyrene insulation products for residential and commercial use. EXPOL products include wall, ceiling, floor and garage door insulation, pod floors, formwork and architectural shapes.

In addition to its EPS (expanded polystyrene) products, EXPOL also has a range of XPS (extruded polystyrene) and graphite-infused polystyrene products.

Recognising that things constantly change in the building industry, EXPOL uses state-of-the-art production equipment to cut blocks to any thickness customers require.

All EXPOL products are tested and meet industry standards and EXPOL underfloor insulation products are appraised by BRANZ.

A national network of manufacturing and warehousing sites and long-standing relationships with New Zealand’s largest building supplies retailers make EXPOL products easy to access throughout the country.

In response to customers' expectations, EXPOL manufactures environmentally safe products to help create healthy homes. The company also runs one of New Zealand’s largest polystyrene recycling plants, contributing to the sustainability of polystyrene building products. EXPOL EPS products do not use ozone-depleting gases.

Our History

In 1976 a young Terry Mischefski bought a block of expanded polystyrene from UEB Industries and created a small piece of packaging that would end up having a big impact on Kiwi homes. From his garage in Stratford, in the heart of New Zealand dairy country, Terry’s polystyrene packaging first caught the eye of Pye Electronics – an electrical equipment manufacturer which was using expensive moulding to protect fragile goods.

Terry had developed an innovative method for cutting polystyrene using hot wire and offered a cost-effective solution for short production runs. As interest grew, Terry moved to Auckland and officially started EXPOL in 1978. Just three years later Terry had a busy team working on packaging products for appliance, cosmetic and silverware manufacturers.

The decision to turn his attention to polystyrene insulation in the 1990s would see EXPOL undergo massive growth. Consumers embraced the exceptional insulation properties of the lightweight board for underfloor insulation. As demand grew, EXPOL went on to add wall and ceiling insulation, waffle pods, geofoam and soft ground fill to its product range.

Today Terry is still at the helm of EXPOL and has been joined in the business by his son Mark. With a continued commitment to leading edge manufacturing and customer fulfillment, the first spark of innovation that saw Terry revolutionise polystyrene packaging continues to this day.




EXPOL insulation products are made in New Zealand, using an environmentally responsible manufacturing process and are 100% recyclable.

98% of EXPOL insulation product is actually trapped air. As well as ensuring excellent thermal insulation properties this means the amount of EPS material required is minimal.


CLICK HERE for further information and the EXPOL Residential Polystyrene Recycling Cube locations


EXPOL insulation products are designed to create warm, dry, healthy environments with reduced heating requirements.

They are proven to deliver insulation R-values that meet or exceed Building Code requirements and enable homes to achieve Green Star rating credentials.

EXPOL insulation products are rigid, so they won’t sag or slump and will retain their original R-values over time.



As a New Zealand owned company, EXPOL is committed to protecting our natural environment. The manufacturing of EXPOL polystyrene insulation does not create CFCs or HCFCs.

EPS products are totally recyclable and EXPOL runs one of New Zealand’s largest EPS recycling plants, ensuring that all waste product can be re-used.


EXPOL is a long-standing member of the leading industry association, Asian Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene (AMEPS).

AMEPS supports and promotes the recycling of EPS products and our membership gives EXPOL access to the latest advances in the field.


EXPOL products are available nationwide from Mitre 10 and Mitre 10 Mega, Carters, PlaceMakers, Bunnings and ITM. Find your nearest stockist.

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EXPOL Expert is an interactive e-learning portal that's been designed especially for specifiers, installers and sales teams. You can complete online training modules from anywhere, at any time and undertake simple self-assessments as you learn.

For specifiers and salespeople, EXPOL Expert offers a convenient way to access in-depth information about our products. If you're a Licensed Building Practitioner use EXPOL Expert to find out more about our products and earn LBP points.

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Expol Ltd warrant that Expol Underfloor Insulation products are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS-4859.1 and are fit for the purpose of insulating under floors, if tested in accordance with the methodology referred to in AS/NZS-4859.1, if properly installed in accordance with the installation instructions and if maintained according to relevant Standards including NZS-4246.

Expol warrants to the person purchasing the product that:

  • The product is free from manufacturing defects for a period of 50 years from the date of purchase.
  • When used for its intended purpose, properly installed in accordance with Expol installation instructions, tested in accordance with the methodology referred to in AS/NZS-4859.1 and maintained in dry conditions and otherwise in accordance with NZS-4246 and BRANZ Appraisal no.256, Expol Underfloor Insulation can be expected to maintain its thermal insulation properties for a period of 50 years from the date of purchase.

Any claim under this warranty must be made in writing within 50 years from the date of purchase of the product. To make a claim under the warranty, take your written claim (with proof of purchase) to the store where you purchased the Expol product or contact the manufacturer.

The manufacturer having taken the opportunity to assess/inspect or test the Expol product will pay your reasonable, direct expenses of claiming under this warranty. You may submit details and proof of your expense claim to the manufacturer for consideration.

A 'failure of the Expol product' is determined by the manufacturer when the fault in the product is due directly to a manufacturing flaw.

The manufacturer does not deem 'failure of the product' when as a direct result of an incorrect installation, product alteration or as a result of deficiencies to the building.

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105 Captain Springs Rd., Onehunga, Auckland

Tel: +64 (9) 634 3449

Free Phone: 0800 86 33 73


105 Captain Springs Rd., Onehunga, Auckland

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