Expol Interior Platinum Board for Masonry Wall Insulation

Suitable for use as interior masonry wall insulation, EXPOL Platinum Board reduces heating and cooling costs and contributes to a comfortable interior living space.

Made of graphite infused expanded polystyrene (EPS), EXPOL Platinum Board provides exceptional strength and thermal insulation values for its thickness.

When extra strength and water resistance is needed, particularly in exterior wall applications, use EXPOL-X.

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Masonry Wall Insulation

EXPOL Platinum Board is high-performance insulation for interior masonry walls.  Lightweight and easy to move around the site, EXPOL Platinum Board comes in full sheets or can be cut to a specific size.

For insulation on the exterior side of masonry walls, see our EXPOL-X Retaining wall solution

Other Applications

EXPOL Platinum Board is also suitable for use as wall insulation, cladding insulation, concrete floor insulation and skillion roof insulation.


EXPOL Platinum Board is a lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) board that is easy to handle and easy to install.  

An inert product, EPS does not degrade over time and ensures thermal insulation performance is maintained for the life of the building.  At a thickness of 30mm, EXPOL Platinum Board delivers an R-value of .94.  

Compared to high density EPS, Platinum Board uses fewer raw materials during processing without reducing insulation performance.  This makes EXPOL Platinum Board one of the most eco-efficient choices for insulation. 

The unique matrix structure of EXPOL Platinum Board gives exceptional rigidity and strength.  EXPOL Platinum Board has a well-regarded reputation as a reliable masonry wall insulation product.  

For exterior application where water tightness is required, use EXPOL-X.




EXPOL Wireguard is a waxed paper strip that separates exposed electrical cables from EXPOL Platinum Board insulation.  An important part of the system, EXPOL Wireguard prevents the degrading effect that cables can sometimes have on polystyrene over a prolonged period. 



EXPOL supplies a water-based glue to adhere polystyrene to most surfaces. Masonry insulation panels are glued in place using adhesive or can be used in combination with other fixing methods. 



EXPOL Platinum Board comes in five lengths at 1200mm wide.  Sheets can be cut to specific sizes.



All sizes above are examples of some standard situations
NOTE: Other widths available


EXPOL makes insulating easy.  To ensure you get the best result, follow these simple steps.

Installing EXPOL Platinum Board

To install EXPOL Platinum Board, first ensure sheets are cut accurately to create a snug fit between timber batons or strapping.  

For best performance of boards, ensure the maximum thickness is used.  This is determined by the thickness of the timber batons or strapping.  

Spot glue EXPOL Platinum Board to hold sheets in place until lining materials are fixed.  Care should be taken to ensure there is no contact between EPS boards and electrical wiring.

See our Masterspec document for further information.

Technical information



Can EXPOL Platinum Board be used for exterior applications?

EXPOL Platinum Board is best suited for interior applications.  EXPOL-X is designed for exterior applications and exhibits excellent water resistance.

How effective is EXPOL Platinum Board for thermal insulation?

Made of 98% trapped air, EPS demonstrates excellent insulation properties.  EXPOL Platinum Board has added graphite, resulting in a higher R-value for greater thermal insulation performance.

Is EXPOL Platinum Board durable?

The unique matrix structure of expanded polystyrene (EPS) creates block rigidity and compressive strength making it an excellent choice for masonry walls.  An inert, rigid foam product, EPS holds its shape and does not deteriorate with age.  EPS does not settle over time, thus ensuring the R-value for the life of the building.

Does EXPOL Platinum Board give off toxic fumes?

In the event of a fire, the level of toxicity of EPS is no greater than timber.  EPS does not off-gas hydrogen cyanide or hydrogen chloride.  No CFCs or HCFCs are used in the manufacture of EXPOL Platinum Board.


EXPOL products are available at a number of leading building products stores. Find your nearest stockist here.

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Fast Facts
  • A thin, lightweight board, EXPOL Platinum Board is fast and easy to install.
  • With the highest R-value of all of EXPOL’s EPS interior insulation products, EXPOL Platinum Board is an excellent choice for masonry wall insulation.
  • EXPOL Platinum Board is one of the most eco-efficient choices for insulation, yet it does not compromise on performance.
  • Choose EXPOL Platinum Board for a solid insulation solution that achieves a substantially higher R-value than other insulation materials.
  • The addition of graphite to the EPS gives EXPOL Platinum Board superior insulation and absorption performance.
  • Made of 98% air, EPS does not settle over time, thus ensuring the R-value for the life of the building.

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