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Ideal for commercial and residental projects 

Looking for high performance insulation with a proven track record?

EXPOL insulation products may be lightweight but they pack a punch when it comes to R-values, proven performance and sustainability.

Made from expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS), EXPOL insulation is effectively 98% air captured within a 2% cellular matrix. Its rigid foam make-up enables it to hold its shape over time. It won’t sag or slump, meaning insulation performance remains at its original value for decades to come.

Tested for thermal performance


All EXPOL products have been tested for thermal performance by a variety of institutions to ensure they are manufactured to specification. EXPOL underfloor insulation is appraised by BRANZ for added confidence.

An environmentally responsible choice


EXPOL products have exceptional eco-credentials and are a means of achieving Green Star accreditation for new home builds. The extremely long lifetime of the products means there is no need to replace product in the future.

All manufacturing processes comply with current environmental regulations and do not create CFCs or HCFCs. EXPOL expanded polystyrene insulation products are 100% recyclable and any waste product can be recycled at EXPOL’s in-house plants.

Wide range of applications

EXPOL’s range of EPS products includes solutions for concrete and timber floor insulation as well as a range of internal and external wall and cladding situations, and skillion roof spaces. We also offer lightweight fill and pod floor system solutions that deliver lasting performance.

EXPOL Underfloor Insulation is one of the only insulation products on the market that is suitable for use in exposed timber floor situations without the need for lining.

EXPOL Platinum Board (a variation of EPS) can achieve an insulation efficiency of 0.032W/mK while EXPOL-X (XPS) boasts as much as 0.031W/mK.

The unique matrix structure of EPS offers exceptional compressive strength and block rigidity. This makes it ideal for use in construction and civil engineering applications, particularly as a structural base infill, for example in road, railway and bridge infrastructures.


EXPOL Technical Guide


EXPOL Timber UnderFloor Insulation R1.4 White, R1.8 Black and Garage Door Kit

Lasting strength

Strength tests performed on EPS placed into the ground almost 30 years ago show that it is just as strong today, with the tested strength routinely exceeding the original minimum design strength of 100kPa.

EPS bridge foundations, which have been subject to many years of sustained loading, show 'creep' deformation of less than 1.3% - only half as much as theoretically predicted. Most importantly, EPS stability does not deteriorate with age.

Water resistant

After almost 30 years in the ground, samples of EPS retrieved from locations as little as 200mm above the groundwater level all have less than 1% water content by volume, whilst blocks which are periodically entirely submerged show less than 4% water content. This level of performance is superior to other foamed plastic materials.

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Tel: +64 (9) 634 3449

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