EXPOL GeoFoam for Lightweight Fill

EXPOL GeoFoam is a lightweight expanded polystyrene fill that eliminates lateral pressure and vertical movement. It is an ideal solution for sites with challenging ground conditions.

A multi-functional foam product, EXPOL GeoFoam is suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction on soft ground, slope stablisation and civil infrastructure work such as bridge abutments, airfield pavements and railway track systems.

EXPOL GeoFoam is preferred by specifiers and engineers because it reduces construction costs and timeframes, is easy to handle, can be cut on site, and is unaffected by weather conditions.

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EXPOL GeoFoam provides a solution to a wide range of applications and is often used in problematic situations such as expansive soils and soft substrates.  EXPOL GeoFoam is used in construction sites, roads, bridge, causeways and landscaping.  

Made from expanded polystyrene foam, EXPOL GeoFoam is ideally suited for frost heave protection, earthquake shock protection and dampening of noise or vibration.


EXPOL GeoFoam offers exceptionally high compressive strength despite weighing only 1% of traditional soil fill and 10% of conventional lightweight fills.

Made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads that have been moulded into blocks, EXPOL GeoFoam cut be cut into any size or shape depending on the requirement of the project.

As an ultra-lightweight fill, EXPOL GeoFoam significantly reduces the stress on underlying subgrades and adjacent structures, and helps improve stability against bearing and slope failures.

Any EXPOL GeoFoam clean waste can be recovered for recycling.

EXPOL GeoFoam is ideally suited for use in construction over soft substrates, road embankments, bridge abutments, causeways, retaining wall fill and for replacement of poor soils, landscaping, geotechnical fill, frost heave protection and on sites with limited access.



EXPOL GeoFoam is available in a range of sizes and densities to suit the engineering design.   EXPOL GeoFoam blocks are easily cut to suit different project specifications, including angles and 2 dimensional profiles.

Choosing the correct density of EXPOL GeoFoam will depend on the compressive loads applied during its service life. 




Technical information


Is EXPOL GeoFoam water resistant?

EXPOL GeoFoam will absorb small volumes of water, which will not have an effect on its mechanical properties or performance.

What size does EXPOL GeoFoam come in?

EXPOL GeoFoam is available in a range of sizes and is easily cut on site.  EXPOL GeoFoam is also available in a variety of grades to suit compressive strength requirements.

How durable is EXPOL GeoFoam?

EXPOL GeoFoam is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS), a product that has a long established reputation for resisting degradation over the lifespan of a building.  It is also resistant to soaps and inorganic substances such as dilute acids, alkalis and salt solutions.  EXPOL GeoFoam is not resistant to organic solvents including hydrocarbon fuels and lubricants.

Where is EXPOL GeoFoam used?

GeoFoam enables engineers, architects and builders to solve a range of engineering problems.  It is a multi-functional product that is used in road construction on poor soils, retaining and buried wall backfill, levees, bridge abutment or underfill and as compensation foundation.  It is also suitable as protection from earthquake shock and for noise and vibration dampening.

Does EXPOL GeoFoam provide insulation?

EXPOL GeoFoam is suitable for use in protection against frost heave, beneath refrigerated storage buildings and under storage tanks to prevent ground freezing. 



EXPOL products are available at a number of leading building products stores. Find your nearest stockist here.

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Fast Facts
  • EXPOL Geofoam is an exceptionally strong lightweight fill that solves a range of engineering challenges
  • Easy to handle and easy to cut, EXPOL Geofoam reduces construction time and is ideal for use where site access is limited.
  • EXPOL Geofoam reduces lateral pressure on adjacent structures and load on underlying substrates
  • Weighing less than 1% of soil fill and less than 10% of conventional lightweight fill, EXPOL Geofoam is preferred by engineers and architects.
  • Expanded polystyrene blocks provide durability and high compressive strength.
  • All clean waste can be recovered from site for recycling

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