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Weighing less than 1% of traditional soil fill, and 10% of conventional lightweight fill, EXPOL GeoFoam (also know as Polyrock) delivers significant savings to construction costs and schedules.

Made from closed cell expanded polystyrene, EXPOL GeoFoam solves the problem of construction over soft substrates and is often used to reduce the load imposed on adjacent or underlying soils.



Engineers recognise the special advantages GeoFoam delivers for construction on soft ground, slope stabilisation and retaining walls. EPS GeoFoam is often used in road and airfield pavements, and railway track systems. It also delivers excellent thermal protection when used beneath refrigerated storage buildings, sports arenas and storage tanks to prevent ground freezing. 

Cost effective

The use of GeoFoam reduces or eliminates the need for heavy earthworks and machinery. GeoFoam blocks are lightweight and easy to move around site, easy to cut on site and easy to manually install. Resistant to weather, GeoFoam insulation ensures construction doesn’t stop when the weather is wet or cold.


The robust nature of expanded polystyrene ensures performance lasts the lifetime of the fill. This includes R-value for insulation, resistance to water, and compression strength. GeoFoam insulation does not sustain mould and mildew growth.

Environmentally sound 

EXPOL GeoFoam is manufactured without the use of HCFCs, CFCs or HFCs. All clean waste can be recovered from site for recycling.

Highly consistent

EXPOL GeoFoam is constructed using advanced technology to ensure the product is consistent, unlike the non-uniform make-up of wood chips, soil, or fibre products often used as infill.

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Tel: +64 (9) 634 3449

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