The No Scoria Drainage Solution


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The QuickDrain solution is designed for the economic removal of excess ground water in residential and commercial non- traffic applications. It is ideal to be used in retaining walls, water logged backyards and perimeter drainage around houses and sections. 

QuickDrain comes ready to go. It is sold in 2.5 metre lengths and is approximately 200mm in diameter. Every 2.5m length of QuickDrain is supplied with one joiner, one cable tie and instructions how to cut, join and install.

QuickDrain Is an engineered drainage solution that provides a scoria-free alternative to traditional scoria drainage solutions, cutting installation time in half.

QuickDrain incorporates a recycled polystyrene aggregate that provides enhanced drainage performance, strength, filtration and longevity.

The QuickDrain solution is a faster and easier install than traditional drainage solutions.

Once buried the QuickDrain will last indefinitely (50+ years) as it is produced from HDPE plastic, recycled polystyrene and PET fibre, however the drainage performance will be dependent on the overall design.

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Quick Drain New Zealand made

QuickDrain is OPUS tested and manufactured in New Zealand to strict quality control procedures. The performance of the product is dependent on the accurate formation of the knit structure of the sleeve, the polystyrene and pore in the pipe.

QuickDrain for superior filtration

High performance recycled polystyrene filling does not clog and efficiently filters out excess sediment. It delivers a high performance flow effectively draining excess water away quickly.


QuickDrain is strong and lightweight

The QuickDrain pipe is made from a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material, with a corrugated profile wall to give high crush resistance, flexibility and lightness. It has slots cut at the bottom of the corrugations and spaced around the circumference.

QuickDrain tested and proven

Made from Polyester the QuickDrain Filter Sleeve® is a tested and proven solution for protecting subsoil drains from sedimentation. It works by trapping the sand particles and assisting the formation of a soil filter around the pipe.

Where to use: 

EXPOL QuickDrain is designed to be used in residential and light commercial non-traffic drainage applications.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Landscaping
  • Agricultural
  • Sports Field

QuickDrain can be used in many drainage situations and can be used on its own or in conjunction with StyroDrain.


    • QuickDrain comes in easy to handle 2.5 metre lengths. Each length comes with a QuickDrain Joiner.
    • Dig your trench the same width as your QuickDrain and deep enough to allow a minimum of 200mm of soil coverage.
    • Simply clip the length together to achieve the required length for your project. Once the QuickDrain has been laid in the trench you are ready to start covering the QuickDrain.
    • When laying QuickDrain please ensure it has a fall.Make sure it is directed to the lowest point of your property and is connected to a stormwater outlet. 
    • For further information 247 call 0800 WETFEET (0800 938 3338)
    Position your QuickDrain
    Join your QuickDrain
    Lay your QuickDrain
    Fill in with soil
    QuickDrain Joiner – Make sure the indent in the joiner goes over coil ridge – check it is secure
    Put the joiner on end of the QuickDrain and align with other end of QuickDrain
    Push the QuickDrain pipe with the joiner over other QuickDrain pipe
    Make sure the indent in the joiner goes over coil ridge – check it is secure
    Measure the length required
    Cut the cable tie and remove excess polystyrene
    Push sleeve and polystyrene down pipe to required length. Retie with new cable tie supplied, trim excess sleeve off
    Cut pipe – ensure you leave enough pipe so it will accommodate joiner 
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As this is a new product in some cases it will not be available on shelf, however it can be ordered in. Please check with your store.
Fast Facts
  • The unique DIY drainage solution that eliminates scoria and cuts installation time in half
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and goes around corners with ease
  • Simple to transport and is easily moved around your site
  • Eliminates scoria
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Bends around corners with ease
  • Cuts drainage installation time in half
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  • Testing
  • Masterspec
  • Other
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