Got a cold, draughty garage? Winter-proof it with EXPOL garage door insulation

June 20, 2016 at 1:47 PM

Here in New Zealand, the humble garage is often so much more than just a place to store your car. For many Kiwi families, the garage is also a man cave, a laundry, a home office, a gym or even a teenagers’ retreat. 

While most modern homes feature well insulated garage spaces, if you live in a traditional wooden villa or bungalow, it’s likely that your garage has no insulation – which can make it a pretty unappealing place in winter!

With the chilly season now well and truly upon us, wouldn’t it be great to turn your draughty old garage into a warm, dry, user-friendly space?


Here are our five top tips to winter-proof your garage:

1. Banish draughts and chills with EXPOL garage door insulation: EXPOL’s garage door insulation kit has been designed specifically for sectional garage doors. It’s lightweight, quick and easy to install and – best of all – will keep warm air in and winter chills out. 

2. Carpet your garage floor: Got some carpet offcuts or an old rug lying around? Pop them down on the floor to create instant warmth underfoot. If you need a more hard-wearing solution (for example, if you will be parking cars in the garage), it’s worth investigating a purpose-made solution that will insulate against underfoot chills and stand up to wear and tear.

3. Install wall insulation: If you live in a traditional wooden bungalow or villa, it’s likely that the walls of your garage are unlined and the joists are exposed. If that’s the case in your garage, fitting EXPOL wall insulation is a no brainer. It can be cut to size and installed in less than a day, leaving your garage space warm and cosy.

4. Seal draughty windows: If your garage features a draughty old wooden window, draught seals are a cheap, instant fix. Available for less than $10 from any hardware store, draught seals are a roll of thin, adhesive tape that can be applied to windows to ensure winter winds can’t enter. 

5. Don’t forget roof insulation: If the framing of your garage roof is exposed, stop warm air from leeching out of your garage with EXPOL roof insulation. Designed to be quick and easy to install, EXPOL roof insulation will top off your insulation efforts and result in a cosy space for your family to use.


Ready to winter-proof your garage? 

EXPOL’s polystyrene insulation products are available at all major hardware stores. Find your nearest stockist here.


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