Where is that cold draught coming from?

May 14, 2020 at 2:55 PM


Winter is coming and, with it, the nasty effects that cold and damp can cause. To help you keep your family healthy and comfortable this winter, it may pay to look under your floor and tackle those pesky draughts.

Cold air that sneaks in through gaps in doors, windows and floorboards can make a huge impact on the temperature inside your home.

Many people look for draughts from windows and doors but forget about their floors. If you have timber floors and wool or batts-type insulation, over time your insulation will sag and create gaps that cold air can flow through.

If you’re looking to insulate under your timber floor or replace sagging underfloor insulation, consider EXPOL R.14 or EXPOL R1.8. Made of ridged polystyrene panel, it ensures there are no draughty gaps between your insulation and joists and also eliminates the possibility of future sagging.

To fix draughts coming in under doors or through window frames, simply fit draught excluders in the gaps. These are low-cost, easy to install and available at all hardware stores.

EXPOL Insulation – NZ’s easiest DIY insulation solution

For more than 40 years, EXPOL has been helping Kiwis keep their homes warm, dry and healthy.

Our range of recycled polystyrene insulation solutions has been developed in New Zealand, specifically for the needs of New Zealand homes.

EXPOL R1.4 underfloor insulation exceeds New Zealand standards for home insulation, and EXPOL R1.8 provides even greater protection for homes in areas that experience extreme cold.

What makes EXPOL so popular with New Zealanders is how easy it is to install. Lightweight and easy to cut to size, it is available in a range of widths, to suit different joist spacings.

Keen to insulate with EXPOL? Find your nearest stockist.

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