When only the best underfloor insulation will do! EXPOL joins a very special tiny home project.

May 04, 2018 at 2:50 PM

Architecture and Interiors Ltd are an innovative design firm who are doing good things. So when EXPOL was asked by the Hawkes Bay-based team to get on board with the Life Box charity project, the answer was a very easy yes.

Life Box.png

Created as a fundraising initiative for cancer charity group, Look Good Feel Better, Life Box will see a 40ft shipping container transformed into an architecturally-designed, high-end tiny home or office space. The collaborative project has relied on the help of many of the industry’s leading suppliers to provide services and materials. And the finished result is shaping up to be a shining example of how high-quality building materials can create high-quality living spaces.

When only the best insulation will do

Architecture and Interiors Ltd chose EXPOL as the best insulation material option for the transformed shipping container. While there are many types of underfloor insulation to choose from, it was critical that Life Box could provide its inhabitants with a comfortable living space all year around. Polystyrene insulation supplied by EXPOL will ensure that this tiny space stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

Architecture and Interiors Ltd’s Managing Director, Melissa Burne has been steadfast in her commitment to working with best-practice suppliers and materials. “We reviewed many insulation products,” says Burne. “And we chose EXPOL because it was one of the only products that achieved what we required, which was compliance in energy efficiency (H1).”

A showcase of clever design and best practice

As well as being a significant fundraiser for Look Good Feel Better, Life Box is also an outstanding showcase for the innovative design and use of skills and materials to create a habitable tiny space. The goal is that Life Box will become a platform to educate the public on the true costs of building today and the benefits that occur when there is collaboration between best-practice suppliers.

When the project is finished, Look Good Feel Better will use the proceeds to continue their work helping cancer patients with self-esteem, appearance and confidence throughout their cancer journey.

EXPOL was pleased to sponsor the polystyrene underfloor insulation for Life Box and is proud to be involved in such a leading-edge charitable project.

Keep up to date with the progress of the Life Box project on Facebook.

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