So what do we do with the recycled polystyrene we collect?

August 27, 2020 at 4:30 PM

No we don’t send it to landfill.

Expol use recycled product collected from the Expol Recycling Cubes and Building and Construction sites in our products.

EXPOL Styrodrain is made from 100 percent recylced product and our other products which include recycled content are EXPOL UnderFloor, EXPOL QuickDrain, (Selected) EXPOL Sheet and EXPOL Tuff Pods.







The good news is that polystyrene can be recycled and recycled again and again.So our products that you buy today when they have served their purpose can be recycled.

Our recycling initiatives also recycle the growing amount of polystyrene that comes in from overseas that is used in packaging.


At EXPOL we follow a 360 degree product lifestyle philosophy and encourage consumers taking this into account when purchasing polystyrene products. Check out how we approach recycling, along with our latest list of drop-off points for our EXPOL Polystyrene Recycling Cube here: www 

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