Our commitment to recycled polystyrene delivers a complete, easy-to-install drainage system

June 12, 2019 at 1:22 PM

EXPOL StyroDrain and EXPOL QuickDrain form part of EXPOL’s range of premium recycled polystyrene construction products. Both are specifically designed to provide successful, easy-to-install drainage solutions.

Innovation, flexibility and sustainability are core company values that have been at the heart of EXPOL’s operations since we started out four decades ago.

Today we operate six polystyrene recycling plants in our manufacturing facilities nationwide and a polystyrene waste collection service from building sites*. We are always looking for innovative ways to turn recycled materials into quality construction solutions. 

This commitment to reusing recycled product led us to develop EXPOL StyroDrain – a high performance retaining wall protective and drainage solution and EXPOL QuickDrain a no scoria drainage solution.


QuickDrain comes in convenient 2500mm lengths and is easily joined with a QuickDrain Joiner


As with all EXPOL products, EXPOL StyroDrain and EXPOL QuickDrain are made in New Zealand using environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. The result is a user-friendly system utilising recycled polystyrene that will deliver for decades.


StyroDrain is composed of 100% recycled polystyrene 

EXPOL StyroDrain is used in the construction process for retaining walls and provides protection for the waterproofing membrane on both retaining and block walls.  Its permeable nature allows water to filter easily through the lightly fused polystyrene sheets, down to the EXPOL QuickDrain that channels it effectively away from the wall. EXPOL StyroDrain is highly durable and has been designed for easy-use and installation. Its sheets are light, simple-to-handle and can be cut and shaped with a sharp knife or handsaw. EXPOL StyroDrain is suitable for residential and commercial applications and is available in easy-to-handle 2400 x 1200mm sheets at 90mm thick. 

QuickDrain system.png 

EXPOL’s QuickDrain engineered drainage solution provides a scoria-free alternative to traditional scoria drainage solutions, cutting installation time in half. The EXPOL QuickDrain solution incorporates a recycled polystyrene aggregate that provides enhanced drainage performance, strength, filtration and longevity. Our EXPOL QuickDrain solution is a faster and easier install than traditional drainage solutions. EXPOL QuickDrain is designed to be used in residential and light commercial applications where it is not exposed to high loads. It’s designed for the economic removal of excess ground water in residential and commercial non-traffic applications. And it’s ideal for use in retaining walls, waterlogged backyards and perimeter drainage around houses and sections. EXPOL QuickDrain comes in 2.5 metre lengths which are easily joined by a joiner.

We are always adding to our EXPOL Polystyrene Recycling Cube drop off points and you can find our latest list of drop off points here: www.expol.co.nz/enviro

*Recycling and waste collection is offered for EXPOL product only.

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