Looking for environmentally responsible insulation? See how EXPOL stacks up

July 28, 2016 at 11:26 AM

These days, more and more home owners are seeking out insulation products that deliver value and performance, without compromising the environment. At EXPOL, we’ve always taken a proactive approach to ensuring our insulation range is both safe to use and sustainable. So how do our sustainability credentials stack up? See for yourself…

What we’re really made of

Hot air isn’t something most companies would claim as a benefit, but it’s one of the things which helps lighten EXPOL insulation’s environmental impact. 

Made of rigid expanded polystyrene, just two percent of each insulation panel is plastic – the other 98% is trapped air. As well as reducing the amount of raw material needed to make EXPOL insulation, this makes it very lightweight and easy to install.

No insulation top-ups needed 

Many insulation types, such as ‘batts’, are prone to sagging and are at risk of absorbing moisture over time. If that happens, you’ll need to top-up or replace sections – or you’ll have to increase the heating in your house to keep the cold out. 

On the other hand, EXPOL insulation is incredibly robust and durable. Because it’s made of rigid expanded polystyrene, it won’t sag or absorb moisture and, when installed correctly, will maintain its insulation value for at least 50 years. 

That means you won’t need to top up or replace your EXPOL insulation, and your heating requirements won’t increase over time – a win for your back pocket and the environment.

Saving on carbon miles

EXPOL is proudly manufactured right here in New Zealand. We have five facilities around the country – two in the North Island, and three in the South Island.

Local manufacturing minimises our carbon footprint by reducing the distance it takes for our insulation to reach your local outlet. It also means that your preferred EXPOL insulation product will always be in stock.

Sustainable manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing is part of the EXPOL ethos. Here are some of the ways we work to minimise our environmental impact:

- EXPOL runs an in-house recycling plant and all waste product created during the manufacturing process is recycled into reusable plastic

- We collect waste product from construction sites and return it to our factories to be recycled

- We invest in a continuous upgrade programme for our factories to ensure our manufacturing processes are constantly becoming more efficient

Like to know more? 

EXPOL insulation is made in New Zealand and stocked by all major hardware stores. You can find your nearest EXPOL supplier here.

Got a question? 

You can call us on 0800 86 33 73 or email us at sales@expol.co.nz

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