EXPOL insulation just became even more environmentally friendly

October 01, 2016 at 1:41 PM

Everyone knows EXPOL insulation keeps your home warm, healthy and dry. But did you know this New Zealand-made product is the sustainable choice as well?

In fact, we’ve just reduced the energy it takes to make EXPOL ceiling, garage door, underfloor insulation and other construction products by 25 percent!

That’s through a $1 million investment to upgrade three key machines at our EXPOL factories in Auckland, Wellington and Blenheim.

It means our EXPOL production process is now quicker and more efficient. We’re using less energy and we’re also able to capture and re-use the heat that the new machines generate.

The equipment we’ve replaced has even been recycled as scrap metal.

It’s not just our production that’s energy efficient – our insulation is too

EXPOL ceiling, garage door and underfloor insulation is made from rigid expanded polystyrene (or EPS). Just two percent of each insulation panel is polystyrene – the other 98 percent is literally hot air. 

Not only does this reduce the amount of raw material needed to make EXPOL insulation, it also makes it very lightweight and easy for you to install.

Recycling is just as important

EXPOL also run an in-house recycling plant at all the EXPOL factories around New Zealand. It means all waste product created during the manufacturing process is recycled into reusable polystyrene.

We even collect waste product from construction sites and return it to our factories to be recycled.

Like to know more?

EXPOL products are stocked by all major hardware stores. You can find your nearest EXPOL supplier here.

Got a question? 

You can call us on 0800 86 33 73 or email us at sales@expol.co.nz

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