September 17, 2018 at 1:58 PM

EXPOL, New Zealand’s leading supplier of premium polystyrene construction products, is excited to announce the launch of its newest product, QuickDrain.

QuickDrain is an innovative new drainage solution that halves installation time and reduces environmental impact.

Developed and manufactured in New Zealand, it incorporates a robust slotted HDPE pipe and a specially-designed filtration sleeve. The sleeve, which fits snugly around the pipe, is made of polyester and filled with recycled polystyrene. 

Together these materials create a robust, highly efficient drainage system that removes excess water and sediment effectively, and eliminates the need for scoria.

As well as its robustness, the QuickDrain system is lightweight, flexible and easy to transport. With no scoria required, drainage installers can simply dig a trench, place the system and replace the soil. 

“EXPOL is committed to recycling as much of the polystyrene that we manufacture as possible. We operate one of New Zealand’s largest polystyrene recycling plants and we’re always looking for innovative ways to use the recycled material,” says Mark Mischefski, EXPOL General Manager. 

“QuickDrain is a fantastic way for EXPOL to repurpose polystyrene waste, while also delivering a product that makes installation easier for our customers. In field trials, we’ve seen the QuickDrain system installed in half the time that it would usually take,” says Mischefski.

Suitable for residential, agricultural and light commercial applications, the QuickDrain system has been independently tested and proven to drain excess water and trap sediment as effectively as a traditional pipe and scoria drain. 

Available in easy-to-handle 2.5 metre lengths, the QuickDrain system includes simple-to-fit pipe joints, enabling any length to be accommodated. 

QuickDrain is available through Carters, ITM, Bunnings Warehouse, PlaceMakers, BuildLink and Mitre10.

Learn more about QuickDrain.




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